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Our products simplify and automate your billing operations so you can focus on growth.


Your all-in-one payments 


The only complete billing solution for digital products. Payments, tax, subscription management and more, all handled for you.

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SaaS billing dashboard

ProfitWell Metrics

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with accurate, accessible revenue reporting for subscription and SaaS companies - completely free.

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Metrics SaaS analytics dashboard

Price Intelligently

The world’s leading SaaS pricing experts. We use a blend of frameworks and methodologies to collect and analyze data to deliver insights that help businesses solve their unique pricing challenges.

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Price Intelligently


A smarter way to recover failed payments, Retain automatically recovers failed card payments and increases customer retention. Set it up once and we’ll do the rest.

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Retain automatic customer retention software


Over 4,000+ software businesses use Paddle to scale their commercial operations

43 million transactions processed

$111 million in taxes collected and remitted

4,000+ customers using Paddle

Our model

How is Paddle different?

Paddle provides more than just the plumbing for your revenue. As a merchant of record, we do it for you.

What is a merchant of record?

Build and maintain relationships with payment providers

Take on liability for charging and remitting sales taxes, globally

Take on liability for all fraud that takes place on our platform

Reconcile your revenue data across billing and payment methods

Handle all billing-related support queries for you

Reduce churn by recovering failed payments

Join 4,000+ businesses already growing with Paddle

We built the complete payment stack, so you don‘t have to

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