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Why SaaS businesses and SaaS CFOs are switching to Paddle

Find out why 4,000+ SaaS businesses already growing with Paddle chose to work with Paddle. With a 35% lower cost to payment infrastructure, 25% higher payment acceptance rate, and 20% improved NRR, the results speak for themselves.   

Paddle has a single-minded goal: maximizing our customers' revenue by taking care of the operational and financial obstacles. SaaS businesses working with Paddle have seen the value of offloading the complexities that have been costing them time and manpower to operate. Some of the benefits include:

  • Simplifying their working life with one software integration and one cost. 
  • Taking control of the traditional role as a finance function. 
  • Global compliance from day one. 
  • Real-time visibility of their data with complete confidence in the numbers.

To name a few.

Read on to find out why SaaS CFOs are choosing Paddle.

Paddle is a great sparring partner in the pre-launch phase of our next product Their team helped us perform a quantifiable market survey, allowing us to identify our users' willingness to buy before launching the product.

Alexander Brix, Chief Operating Officer, Kaleido

5 reasons why SaaS CFOs are choosing to use Paddle

1. Spend more time focusing on growth and strategic direction 

When your teams aren’t focused on manual workarounds and systems integrations, they can focus on growing your revenue and core finance tasks.

2. Have confidence in your data — all from a single source

Paddle keeps your entire payments infrastructure running in the background, leaving your team to focus on other priorities — safe in the knowledge that revenue is coming in and your data is accurate. 

For finance teams, this makes telling your business’ story much easier when it comes to reporting on or selling the business.

3. Pay one cost with one SaaS company

Paddle is your entire payments infrastructure so you’ll have one set of fees, from one provider. 

While the fees for an MoR might seem marginally more expensive at first glance, it incorporates everything from payment processing and subscription management to sales tax compliance, to fraud and chargeback protection — all of which you would otherwise be paying for individually, and the cost increases rapidly as you grow and generate more revenue. 

[With Paddle] we don’t have to worry about new markets charging tax on software. We can accept more payment methods now, including wire transfers and Apple Pay. It’s great because our checkout is almost self-upgrading. We’ll be able to use more payment methods as they become popular because Paddle will make them available for us.

Adam Wathan, CEO, Tailwind Labs

4. Remove the sales tax and financial compliance burden 

CFOs face increasingly complex sales tax regulations. While there are tools that can help you calculate the sales tax you owe, the majority stop there. This means that it’s still ultimately up to you to register, file, and remit sales tax payments, wherever you're liable. 

What’s more, that guaranteed compliance is hugely important for preparing for valuations, fund raising rounds, or exit strategies. 

5. Simplify your day-to-day life (and your team’s)

Ultimately, the decision to use Paddle is about simplifying working life as a CFO and improving your team’s day-to-day activities, giving them room to run with their core competencies. 

We know that as CFO, your time is dominated by the manual and often risk-laden task of ensuring the revenue filters through a complex tooling set up. Paddle simplifies and optimizes your payments mechanics for you, while still allowing you to maintain and control the relationship between you and your customers.

The results speak for themselves

  • 35% lower cost of payments infrastructure 
  • 25% higher payment acceptance rate 
  • 20% improved Net Revenue Retention 
  • 4,000+ customers using Paddle

Take the headache out of growing your software business

We handle your payments, tax, subscription management and more, so you can focus on growing your software and subscription business.

Get started todayTalk to an expert

Is the change really worth it for a company like yours? 

In enterprise businesses with broad-ranging finance teams you might have, at some point in the distant or recent history, changed your payments stack to what it looks like today. That was no small task and required heavy investment from your team and buy-in from the rest of the company. 

Asking you to switch to Paddle without recognizing that context is irresponsible on our part. So let us address that right up front. 

There is no doubt there will be an initial outlay of work and uprooting of your current processes. But, the difference is that this is not another subscription tool for your team to have to learn how to use. Paddle is a partner to grow with at every stage. First through the migration and then throughout your time with us. We handle your data with care because you realize what every ounce of data means to your business.

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