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What happens when the v3 Mac SDK is no longer updated?

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced they would be releasing the new macOS version ‘Big Sur’ later in the year while also transitioning from Intel processors to their own ARM processors, with the first ARM processors in machines by the end of the year.

To support v3 and v4 versions of the Mac SDK for both the Intel and ARM processors would have meant doubling the resource needed.

Paddle, therefore, announced we would sunset our v3 SDK and no longer support it with new changes, nor update it for ‘Big Sur’, so that we can give full attention to the latest v4 versions.

But what does this mean for you if you’re using v3? We’ve put together a brief FAQ to help guide you through these changes:

Will my apps using the v3 SDK stop working?

There won’t be any immediate changes, but you might encounter issues once Apple launches ‘Big Sur’ later this year. Since Paddle will no longer support further changes to v3, it will not be updated for ‘Big Sur’.

Do I have to update my apps from v3 to use v4?

We are not ‘deleting’ the v3 SDK nor forcing you to move to v4. However, since v3 will be out of date when ‘Big Sur’ releases, we strongly suggest you upgrade to v4 as soon as possible.

Is the current version of v4, “Big Sur” compatible?

Yes, the latest version of V4 can be found here. You can also find documentation on V3 to V4 migration here as well as general V4 documentation here.

If you have any questions or need any help during the transition please get in touch via and we will be glad to help.

How much time should we allow to transition from v3 to v4?

The amount of time you need will depend on your own integration and your developer’s team capacity, but we highly recommend you start transitioning as soon as possible, so you’re not caught on the back foot.

What happens if we cannot update our apps before “Big Sur” is released?

If customers start using your v3 apps with ‘Big Sur’ then those applications will be at higher risk of issues, inconsistencies, and unsupported behaviour. At this stage, we can’t say for certain exactly what the performance would look like.

You could still update your apps to v4 after the new macOS releases if that fits your timelines better, but during that period you would be risking non-performance or more issues.

Can Paddle give me any support in upgrading to v4?

Although we cannot provide any direct developer/engineering support, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to for assistance.

Where can I find the relevant documentation?

Please see the below for more information:

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