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Customer churn

Customer churn is the silent killer of SaaS businesses of all sizes. Here we take you through how to size up churn at your company and takes steps to reduce it so you can grow faster and more predictably.

Why customers churn: Top 8 causes of churn and how to fix them
How to calculate (and reduce) your churn rate
Customer churn 101: What it is, why churn happens, and what you can do about it
How to leverage churn prediction data to build a resilient business
Six ways to calculate & measure churn affecting your SaaS business
3 ways to reduce voluntary and involuntary churn (that actually work)
5 strategies to reduce churn in SaaS: quantified in $s and %s
Customer churn prevention: The biggest thing keeping you profitable
How SaaS companies can achieve net negative churn
Churn rates explained: B2B & B2C SaaS company success