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What should I know to use Paddle’s invoicing tool?

To send an invoice, you’ll need to create a Product in our Invoicing tool. Do this under Invoices (Paddle Billing) or Invoice Listing (Paddle Classic) > New Invoice > Product > New product/Add a new product. Our invoicing tool supports multiple line items and multiple quantities, meaning you can bill your customers for multiple products and multiple quantities of that product on one invoice. 

When invoicing a Customer for the first time, you’ll need to create that Customer. You also do this via Invoices (Paddle Billing) or Invoice Listing (Paddle Classic) > New Invoice > Customer > New customer/Add a new customer. You’ll need to enter their details - company name, email, any VAT or sales tax registration numbers, etc. These details are saved and editable, so you can easily send additional invoices later without entering their information again.

Note that product fulfillment is not currently automated via Invoicing, so you would need to handle fulfillment on your side using our alerts here (Paddle Billing) or here (Paddle Classic).

You can create invoices through the Paddle dashboard, see the screenshot below.

In Paddle Billing, you're additionally able to create invoices via API as well. Click here to learn more about how to do so.

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