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Customer retention

Customer acquisition gets all the love, but customer retention is a more cost-effective way to generate revenue and is more critical for the long-term health of your business. Learn how to analyze and improve your company's customer retention rate below.

How to calculate retention rate: Formula + top 4 mistakes to avoid
Retention analysis: 6 steps to analyze & report on customer retention
What is customer attrition & how to reduce your client attrition rate
Customer engagement: Definition, benefits, and strategies to improve your retention
Understanding subscription renewal: Reversing failed payments and renewing subscriptions, ethically
Customer support: Why it's crucial for retention and how to improve yours
How to calculate CAC and your CAC/LTV ratio correctly
Customer acquisition VS. retention: Where are your dollars best spent?
Average customer retention rate by industry: How does your company compare?
Building successful LTV and CAC models for modern subscription businesses
Net dollar retention rate 101: Definition, formula & tips to grow NDR