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SaaS Happy Hour 2023

If you like piña coladas...

... and hearing talks about SaaS, then join us for the return of SaaS happy hour.

Every week we uncover insights and the secrets to SaaS success over a cold drink and casual conversation. From the latest billing trends to mastering efficient SaaS margins, our panel of experts will kick back and share all.

This event is now over. We're looking forward to returning with SaaS Happy Hour 2024 next year!

  • Watch on-demand 2023 Wrap-up: Benchmarks from 34,000 companies on ProfitWell Metrics
    Unlock the secrets of SaaS success with Stephen Ngo, Subscription Analytics & Market Research at Paddle. Discover exclusive insights from the ProfitWell Index, setting new benchmarks for your subscription metrics.
  • Watch on-demand Growth by acquisition: How Hypefury used Twitter’s price hike to accelerate growth
    Yannick Veys, Co-founder of Hypefury, and Andrew Davies, CMO at Paddle, reveal the secrets behind acquiring competitors and peers, offering invaluable insights in a landscape reshaped by Twitter’s price shifts.
  • Watch on-demand Boosting SaaS operating margins for efficiency in 2024 w/ Vertice
    Join Philip Watson, CFO at Paddle, and Matt Barnard, VP Finance at Vertice, as they share tips on optimizing SaaS operations. Streamline your processes and elevate your bottom line.
  • Watch on-demand Leveraging SaaS billing trends and tools to grow revenue
    Nika Witczak, Team Lead at Price Intelligently, and Lucas Lovell, Director of Product, unveil the latest pricing trends. Gain a competitive advantage with insights that keep your pricing strategies sharp.
  • Watch on-demand Finance innovation: The tech-driven CFO’s toolkit w/ Mayday
    Explore the CFO tech stack with David Tuck, CEO at Mayday, and Andrew Davies, CMO at Paddle. From cutting-edge tools to innovative solutions, discover how technology is reshaping the role of CFOs in the SaaS world.
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