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What is domain approval?

In order to sell securely via Paddle, sellers need to provide us with information on the domains from which they would like to launch a Paddle checkout.
You can request a domain to be approved here.

Once you have requested for a domain or subdomain to be approved, one of our team will review your application and contact you via email with the result of that review. All subdomains that have the Paddle checkout will need to be approved separately. If you have any further questions about the result simply reply to that email or reach out to us via

Do I need to do this?

Yes, all sellers using Paddle need to add the domains from which they wish to launch a Paddle checkout. This will ensure that you are in full control of who is able to load your Paddle checkout and also ensures that your Paddle checkout remains compliant with industry standards of security and safety. If you have a staging subdomain, you will need to have its domain approved separately as well.

Note that this, however, does not need to be configured on the Sandbox environment in order to facilitate ease of testing.

I’m using a feature of Paddle which does not use domains?

Although the feature you’re using may not be reliant on domains, we do need to know where the product is being sold, so we can ensure that we remain compliant with industry requirements. You can contact our seller support team for more information by emailing us at

Need more help?

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