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What is domain verification?

In order to sell securely via Paddle, you need to have at least one domain verified. The domain verification is a stage of two steps: first, you verify that you own this domain (Ownership Check), then we will move on to ensure that it meets our requirements and that the product(s) sold are within our Acceptable Use Policy (Acceptable Use Check).

How do I start the domain verification process?

You can request a domain to be approved here if you have not submitted a website during signup. Every domain submitted on your Paddle Dashboard will trigger a new Ownership Check. 

When requesting a domain, please ensure to NOT include https://, www, specific web pages, or invalid characters.

What is the Ownership Check, and how do I prove that I own my domain?

Once a domain has been submitted for approval, you will receive a verification code via email. You must then manage your domain’s DNS settings and input that code into a new DNS record.

What is DNS, and how do I add a new record?

Domain Name Servers are internet nodes dedicated to linking domain names to values (such as IP addresses or verification codes). These servers store and manage such links through records, working like a “phone book” for the internet.

You should be able to update the DNS records of your domain as follows:

  1. Log in to your Domain Provider’s online portal or control panel.

  2. Look for the section to manage domains and DNS.

  3. Add a new record with the following information:

    • Host: @

    • Type: TXT

    • Value: paddle-verification={xxx}

Please note that these steps may vary among different providers, and this is a general guideline. Once you’ve added the new record, it may take from 15 minutes to 48 hours for your update to spread globally. Meanwhile, we will be querying our trusted Name Servers on an hourly basis to ensure we will get your updates as soon as possible.

It is also important to note that for every domain and subdomain submitted for approval, a separate DNS verification check will be required.

How do I move from Ownership Check (step 1) to Acceptable Use Check (step 2)?

We will let you know in a separate email that your domain ownership was verified. From there, our team will proceed with the second step of the Domain Verification by analyzing your domain to ensure it meets our requirements and the product(s) sold are within our Acceptable Use Policy. You will also receive an email with the outcome of the Acceptable Use Check.

Do I need to do this?

Yes, all customers using Paddle need to add the domains from which they wish to launch a Paddle checkout. This will ensure that you are in full control of who is able to load your Paddle checkout and also ensures that your Paddle checkout remains compliant with industry standards of security and safety.

Be aware that you will only be allowed to sell through the domain(s) that have been approved. For example, if you had ‘’ approved, but you want to enable Paddle checkouts on a subdomain “”, you will need to have that subdomain approved separately.

Note that this, however, does not need to be configured on the Sandbox environment in order to facilitate ease of testing.

What if I’m using a feature of Paddle that does not use domains?

Although the feature you’re using may not be reliant on domains, we do need to know where the product is being sold, so we can ensure that we remain compliant with industry requirements. You can contact our Customer Support team for more information by emailing us at

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