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Metrics Plus

While ProfitWell Metrics are completely free, we offer a paid plan called Metrics Plus to help enhance your experience with metrics.

Email "Metrics Plus" if you're interested.

Metrics Plus includes:

  • fast data updates within 30 - 60 minutes (instead of the 3 - 6 hour wait that exists with Free Metrics)
  • priority customer support
  • specialized reporting of your choice:
    • Month-end customers MRR report - Historical Customer MRR by month. Typically useful to aid in revenue recognition.
    • Multi-month customer activity report - Bulk export your monthly subscription changes all at once.
    • Weekly multi-month activity - similar to the above, but on a weekly basis
    • Trial conversions: a list of users who converted into customers, along with the date of conversion - Details of which customers converted to paid plans and when.
    • Cash flow data (one-time payments, etc) - Understand which customers make up one time cashflow.

If you have additional requests that fall outside of the scope of these reports, we’d love to hear them. Send us a note and we’ll see how we can help! 

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