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How do I change my default (balance) currency?

Your default currency is the currency in which you accrue your earnings with Paddle; often referred to as your account balance.

We currently support balances in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR.

We recommend selecting the same balance currency to which your bank account is held in where possible.

Changing your default currency

You can change your default currency at any time, by visiting the Balance Currency page in your Paddle dashboard.

If you have an existing balance with Paddle, the change will not take effect until your next payout.

Does my default currency affect my customers / the currencies in which they’re able to pay?

No. No matter what currency is your default, customers will be able to pay in any currency you’ve chosen to support when setting up your products.

The customer will pay in the currency of their choice, this currency and total amount paid is listed on the order details page. At the time of sale, your earnings from the purchase are converted into your default currency, and credited to your account balance.

The amount credited and its value in your default currency are listed on your order details page.

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