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Wire transfers: definition/ how to use?

Popular amongst business customers, as well as in certain countries where card payments are less prominent, wire transfers are one of several payment methods Paddle can offer customers in an effort to increase your conversion. Please contact us if you would like to enable wire transfers on the checkout. Wire transfer is available for transactions over $100.

We’ve put together a simple, unbranded PDF that you can share with your customers to explain more about the process for wire transfers using Paddle. You can download the PDF here.

What should I tell customers if they enter the wrong details into the checkout or select the wrong product / quantity?

Ask the customer to disregard the original checkout entirely and complete a new checkout for the correct product / plan / quantity instead. Ensure the customer sends the payment with the reference id provided by the new checkout.

What should I do if the customer sent payment without a reference id or with an incorrect reference id?

Please ask the customer to provide a payment receipt and/or confirm their full name (or company name if B2B purchase), date of payment, payment amount and currency, and name of payer bank, sending these details to us so we can attempt to reconcile.

What should I do if the customer has sent the incorrect value?

For order values greater than or equal to $100/£100/€100, we will reconcile payments if the discrepancy between the amount requested and the amount received is less than 1%. In situations where the discrepancy is greater than 1%, Paddle will contact you to ask whether you would like us to continue with reconciling the payment, or whether you would like to request the shortfall from the customer or refund any overpayment.

How can I chase unpaid wire transfer orders?

Unpaid wire transfer orders can be tracked here. You should follow up with customers who have not paid based on your own payment terms, confirming the amount owed, the reference, and the bank details. Since the destination bank will depend on the checkout currency, you should refer to this flow diagram to be able to confirm the correct bank details.

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