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How to find an order

Sometimes your buyers may reach out to you to match an order to an unidentified charge on their bank statement. Most buyers contact our Buyer Support team directly, but they may also contact you for advice, as your company name is seen in the statement descriptor. 

To find the transaction, you can use the transactions page on the Paddle dashboard. For this search, you can input the email address or transaction ID on Paddle Billing, or the order ID, subscription ID, email address, coupon used for the transaction on Paddle Classic, to find an order. If that search yields no results, which is likely when the buyer had a typo in their email address or used a different email address for their purchase altogether, you can reach out to Paddle’s Customer Support team and ask for help locating the order. Simply email or reach out to the team via the chat function from your Paddle dashboard. 

What information is needed to locate an order?

To ensure a quicker response, please provide the following details at first contact, which will help us locate the order faster. 

For card payments: 

  • The last four digits of the credit/debit card used
  • The transaction amount and currency
  • Date of the transaction
  • The email address entered during checkout

For PayPal payments: 

  • The PayPal Transaction ID or a copy of the PayPal receipt.

For Apple Pay payments:

  • The Apple Pay ID.

Need more help?

Login to your Paddle account to chat directly with our Seller Support Team or…