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What is Audience?

This is only applicable to Paddle Classic

The Audience area of our dashboard is a comprehensive list of your buyers that have opted-in to receive marketing communication from you.

You’re able to toggle the Audience collection on/off in your Checkout Settings.

If you have Audience collection enabled, buyers can be added to Audience in several different ways;

When purchasing buyers will need to opt-in to receive marketing communications from you. This is as a result of the roll-out of the GDPR. Only those who have opted in will appear under Audience. Whereas all customers will appear in your Transaction reports.

If you are already collecting the email address yourself (to use with our Audience API, or to skip the first step of the checkout), you can pass the consent to us using marketing_consent: true in your implementation.

Currently, you’re able to export all customer data from the Audience area, then import this into a mailing provider of your choice.

For more advice on how to collect buyer email addresses and communicate with them in a compliant way, please get in touch.

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