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Term Optimization Targeting

There are three ways we can optimize Retain's Term Optimization for you depending on what your company goals are.


If you want to optimize for decreasing churn, we recommend targeting your less engaged, though not entirely unengaged, customers. These folks are a bit fickle, and are more likely to churn than your power users. So it's a good idea to lock them in on a longer plan length when you can.


If you want to optimize for increasing cash flow, we recommend targeting your highly engaged, power users. These customers are far more willing to commit to an annual plan, especially since they're saving some money by upgrading.


At the end of the day, there's no need to pick one or the other. We can adjust your targeting to be a balance of both, so that you're upgrading everyone who falls within that sweet spot.

For more information on why annual plans can dramatically reduce long term churn, check out our article here.

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