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Setting up Retain for Maxio

Maxio customers can use our Retain product! Here's how you can get started:

  1. Email us with details for your Retain email setup preferences:
    1. Who you would like the emails to come from (eg. "John from Company" "")
    2. Who you would like the email responses to go to (eg. "") 
    3. What logo/glyph you would like to use (ideally looks good on a white background)
  2. Install the snippets to both your Marketing Site and In-App (for users who log in)
  3. Log into your Maxio account
  4. Select the proper Site that you want to integrate with ProfitWell Retain
  5. Go into Site's dashboard
  6. Turn off your Maxio Payment Failure emails and give us write access permission
  7. Select the "Config" tab > "Integrations" > "Chargify.js"
  8. If you haven't already, click on the "Generate Key Pair" button halfway down the page
  9. Copy and share the "Public Key" with ProfitWell specialist
  10. You're all set— we'll get you set up shortly from here

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