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Exclude customers from metrics

You can remove specific customers from ProfitWell so that their numbers do not show up in metrics - this is called excluding a customer.

These instructions are for customers that are automatically imported from your integrated billing system, because we cannot manually edit these customers.

  1. Go to the customer's profile
  2. Hit the top right corner button to EXCLUDE
  3. Once the customer is successfully excluded, they will be removed from ProfitWell metrics altogether
  4. At this point, you will likely want to manually add the customer back into ProfitWell to reflect the correct metrics
  5. If you ever want to manage a list of all the excluded customers, then you can go to Data Settings and "Manage Excluded Customers"
  6. If you need to exclude a list of customers in bulk, then please list them out in a csv file along with their IDs and/or emails. Then share directly with support@profitwell.zendesk.com

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