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Are there any requirements for trial subscriptions?

VISA announced the new regulations in 2020. They require additional communication about when a subscription trial will end and how much will be charged. This means adding extra details to the emails and receipts that trialing users receive.

Free trials and discounts are a common way for SaaS sellers to attract new subscribers. But if the terms of the promotion aren’t clear, buyers are sometimes surprised by the first full payment and raise a costly dispute.

It can also be a bad user experience if they aren’t sure what they will be charged or when. But if the trial & payment flow is well communicated when they sign up, that can send a good message that you care about their experience. Which can in turn increase retention and improve word of mouth for your product.

That’s why catering to these requirements is not only necessary to meet VISA’s new standards but will help to keep down chargebacks and build goodwill with customers from their first interaction.

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