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Selling a Mac app with trials & licensing?

We provide support for sellers offering their software/applications; allowing them to set up checkouts to deliver their software with a license key/serial number (where applicable) after the customer has purchased.

We don’t currently allow 3rd party licensing to be used in conjunction with our own SDK - which powers trial & in-app purchase/activation functionality on Mac.

If you’re interested in swapping an existing product over to use our in-app purchase/activation SDK, please contact us here. The process is swift and efficient, however, we like to offer a one-to-one service on this to ensure none of your existing customers are affected by the transition.

In what ways can you deliver licenses?

If you’re looking to use Paddle’s checkout to deliver your license code & downloads to a customer, there are two keys ways in which this can be configured;

  • List fulfillment – uploading a plain text document (.txt) file containing a list of licenses (newline-separated) to be delivered individually to paying customers
  • Webhook fulfillment - our servers will send a POST or GET request to your provided webhook URL, using the information provided to deliver the customer their license.

If you require any assistance implementing the above with Paddle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Need more help?

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