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A Closer Look at the Subscription Cancellations Report

This article refers to the Subscription Cancellations Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

Here's what the report covers:

If you are looking to track the cancellations of subscriptions within a specified time frame, this report will serve as a vital tool. It extensively covers the following aspects:

  1. Subscription ID: This unique identifier can help you pinpoint each specific subscription in the Paddle dashboard, particularly under the Subscribers section.
  2. Product ID: An automatically generated unique number assigned to every product created in the Catalog.
  3. Plan Name: The designated name of the subscription plan as stipulated when created in the Catalog.
  4. Date Subscribed: This records the date on which a buyer opted into the subscription.
  5. Billing Date: Keeps a tab on the upcoming renewal date for the subscription.
  6. Cancellation Date: Marks the precise date when the subscription was annulled.
  7. Reason: Provides insight into the method or reason behind the subscription’s cancellation.

Additional resources:

For a more rounded understanding and effective management of subscriptions, you might find the following resources handy:

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