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Your Guide to the Sent Licenses Report

This article refers to the Sent Licenses Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What information does the report contain?

If you're dealing in one-time products utilising our SDKs, the Sent Licenses Report is a crucial tool to keep track of all the licenses dispatched to buyers through Paddle. Here's a breakdown of the data encapsulated in this report:

  1. Order ID: A distinct identifier that is generated with each new order.
  2. Product ID: A unique number allocated to each product when it is created in the Catalog.
  3. Product Name: The designated name assigned to the product in the Catalog.
  4. Customer Email: The email address to which the license was sent.
  5. License Code: The specific code of the license that was sent to the customer.
  6. Date Sent: The exact date the license was dispatched to the customer.
  7. Paddle Issued License: This indicates whether Paddle or the seller generated the license.
  8. Paddle License ID: A unique series of numbers that serve as the internal ID for licenses generated by Paddle.

What should you be mindful of?

  • Licenses can either be generated by Paddle or by you. Regardless of the origin, both types of licenses can be propagated via Paddle, ensuring a centralised system for tracking and management.

Additional Resources

For a more detailed insight into utilising SDKs to enhance your product sales, please check out the following section in our Dev Docs.

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