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Your Guide to Reports in Paddle Billing

Are you looking to streamline your financial processes and have a better grasp of your revenue streams and account activities? Paddle offers a robust reporting system that allows you to export critical data straight to your favorite spreadsheet app, aiding in a comprehensive analysis of trends and facilitating seamless integration with accounting or ERP solutions. In this guide, we’ll uncover two types of reports available in Paddle Billing: Transactions and Adjustments.

Transactions Report

This report encompasses data related to both checkouts and invoices. The main elements captured here include the details about the billed amounts and related revenue details. It's your go-to resource to retrieve vital information about revenue received, past-due invoices, draft and issued invoices, and canceled transactions. Utilising the Transactions report will provide you with an accurate snapshot of your financial standing at any given time.

Adjustments Report

Adjustments, on the other hand, document any changes made to a transaction. These are automatically recorded by Paddle whenever there are prorated alterations to a subscription or modifications to an issued invoice. This report will keep you informed about refunds, credits, and chargebacks, offering a detailed view of all the fluctuations affecting your account's balance.

For a deeper dive into the detailed structure of data fields in these reports and how to integrate them into your workflows, refer to our developer documentation.

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