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Understanding the Refunds Report

This article refers to the Refunds Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What is in the Refunds Report?

The Refunds Report offers detailed information about all the refunded transactions that have occurred. Here are the particulars you can expect to find in the report:

  1. Refund ID: A unique identifier assigned to each refund.
  2. Order ID: A distinct number generated whenever an order is placed.
  3. Order Type: This specifies whether the transaction involved a one-time product or a subscription.
  4. Product ID: A unique identifier created for each product within the Catalog.
  5. Product Name: The designated name of the product as created in the Catalog.
  6. Customer Email: The email address associated with a specific order.
  7. Refund Amount: The total value that has been refunded to the customer.
  8. Full Refund: Indicates whether the refund was a complete or partial refund (True/False).
  9. Refund Currency: The currency used when processing the refund.
  10. Balance Change: Represents the fluctuation in your account balance post the refund. It considers currency conversion if the refund currency is different from your account balance currency.
  11. Balance Currency: Could be USD, GBP, or EUR, and changes based on your account's balance currency at the time of the transaction.
  12. Source: The platform where the purchase was originally made.
  13. Order Date: The date when the transaction was initially conducted.
  14. Refund Date: The date when the refund process was initiated.

Are there any limitations or notable aspects of the Refunds Report?

Absolutely, here are some vital pointers to consider:

  • The report does not encompass the reason behind the refund.
  • It does not specify whether the refund was processed via the Paddle dashboard or through an API.
  • Information about who issued the refund is absent; you would need to check the specific order page for this data.

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