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An Insight into the Transactions Report

This article refers to the Transactions Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What is the Transactions Report?

The Transactions Report is your gateway to an extensive log of every transaction executed, encompassing initial payments, renewal payments, and one-time payments. Let's delve into the details this report entails:

  1. Order ID: A distinctive number that's generated whenever a new order is placed.
  2. Order Status: Tracks the current status of an order, which might range from completed, disputed, refunded to partially refunded.
  3. Order Type: Specifies whether the order pertains to subscriptions or one-time products.
  4. Product ID: A unique identifier assigned to each product when formulated in the catalog.
  5. Product Name: The specific name given to a product in the Catalog.
  6. Product Taxable Category: The tax category that a product falls under within the catalog.
  7. Customer Email: The email ID of the customer associated with a specific order.
  8. Customer Country: Indicates the country where the customer resides.
  9. Customer Zip Code: Displays the customer's zip code linked to the order.
  10. Coupon Applied: Notes whether a coupon was applied during the transaction, including the particular coupon used.
  11. Quantity: Reflects the total quantity of products or subscriptions purchased by a customer.
  12. Total: The comprehensive amount paid by a customer during a transaction.
  13. Tax: The aggregate tax imposed on a transaction.
  14. Fee: The cumulative Paddle fee incurred for a transaction.
  15. Currency: The specific currency utilised in a given transaction.
  16. Balance Earnings: Calculated as the total amount minus the tax and Paddle fees.
  17. Balance Currency: Can vary between USD, GBP, or EUR, contingent on the balance currency of your account at the time of each transaction.
  18. Source: Indicates the origin of the order.
  19. Checkout: Represents the distinct checkout link associated with every transaction.
  20. Date: The exact date a transaction was conducted.

What does the report not cover?

While the report is comprehensive, here are a few aspects it does not encapsulate:

  • Manual invoices are not included.
  • Chargeback fees are not logged within this report.
  • It serves as a log of transactions but does not recalculate the balance.
  • Refunds are not documented in this report.

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