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Your Guide to the Transfers Report

This article refers to the Transfers Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What can you find in the report?

The Transfers Report on Paddle is your go-to tool to track and manage the payouts made to your account. It offers details on both paid and in-progress payouts, providing insights on the following parameters:

  1. Transfer ID: A unique identifier generated at the commencement of a payout process.
  2. Amount: Represents the payout amount after the subtraction of any fees, taxes, and possible bank fees.
  3. Currency: The type of currency in which the payout is conducted, as set in your payout settings.
  4. Status: Indicates the current state of the payout, whether it has been completed or is still underway.
  5. Date: Marks the exact date and time the payout was processed, adhering to the UTC time zone.

Critical points to remember:

  • The report displays only one line for each payout. This is significant to note because each payout essentially comprises two separate payments: one originating from our US entity and another from our UK entity.

Further guidance:

To delve deeper into understanding the payout process at Paddle, please consult this guide.

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