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Navigating Your Balance Report

This article refers to the Balance Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What is the Balance Report?

The Balance Report provides an extensive overview of your account's balance activity, tracking all movements and alterations occurring in your account balance. This includes all transactions, financial adjustments, and changes that have taken place.

What filters can be used to narrow down information in the Balance Report?

You can utilise several filters to better understand your account's balance activities. These filters include:

1. Ledger Event: Allows you to view specific events in the report, with the following options:

  • All: Displays all events
  • Adjustment: Focuses on manual adjustments made to your account balance
  • Chargeback: Indicates instances where a chargeback was subtracted or when a commission was refunded to your balance
  • Fee: Presents all chargeback fees incurred, typically appearing post each chargeback event
  • Checkout Reversal: A deprecated filter
  • Order: Highlights processed orders
  • Payment: Showcases payouts converted and paid from your balance
  • Refund: Details refunds pertaining to one-time products, initial subscription payments, and VAT refunds
  • Refund Reversal: A deprecated filter
  • Subscription: Presents subscription payments
  • Subscription Payment Refund: Displays refunds related to subsequent subscription renewals, excluding initial subscription payment refunds
  • Subscription Payment Refund Reversal: A deprecated filter

2. Include Ledger Narratives: Selecting this option will append a brief description to each entry, offering more context.

What specific information is contained in the Balance Report?

The Balance Report comprehensively includes the following data elements:

  • Reference: An internal ID serving as a reference for that particular entry
  • Event: Denotes a specific entry or incident in the report, such as an order or chargeback
  • Debit: Reflects the amount deducted from the account balance
  • Credit: Illustrates the amount credited to the account balance
  • Balance: Represents the total amount in the account post an event
  • Currency: Specifies the currency utilised during an event
  • Reference Object: An internal ID facilitating the location of a specific entry
  • Reference Object Type: Categories an event falls under, like order, subscription, chargeback, etc.
  • Date: Marks the exact date and time an event transpired, recorded in UTC.

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