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Understanding the Audience Report

This article refers to the Audience Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What is the Audience Report?

The Audience Report is a comprehensive document that contains detailed data on all buyers who have initiated a transaction, helping you to track and understand your customer base better. Here, we break down what's included in this report.

What kind of information is included in the Audience Report?

The Audience Report includes the following key details:

  1. User_id: This is a unique identifier assigned to a buyer's email address within Paddle's system.
  2. Email: This field contains the email address entered by the buyer during the checkout process.
  3. Allowed_contact: This indicates whether the buyer consented to receive marketing content at the initial step of checkout. A '0' signifies that the buyer did not grant marketing consent, while a '1' means they permitted marketing communications.
  4. Product_interests: This section lists the IDs of products or plans that the buyer showed interest in by initiating a checkout.
  5. Created_at: This indicates the time and date when the buyer began the checkout process.

Are there any critical notes to be aware of regarding the Audience Report?

Yes, here are a few important notes:

  • The Audience Report differs from the Audience Dashboard View.
  • It includes all buyers who have initiated a transaction, irrespective of the transaction's completion status.
  • This report also encompasses buyers whose email details were passed in via the Pay Link API.

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