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Understanding the License Activations Report

This article refers to the License Activations Report in Paddle Classic. Click here for Paddle Billing reports.

What is the License Activations Report?

The License Activations Report provides insights into how many of your buyers have installed your app, activated your product, or initiated your programme via Paddle. It is particularly relevant if you are selling one-time products using Paddle's SDKs.

What data does the License Activations Report include?

The report encapsulates the following details:

  • Activation ID: A 7-digit number that represents a specific activation instance.
  • Paddle License ID: Generally, a 7-digit number associated with a Paddle license.
  • Product ID: Typically, a 6-digit number assigned to each product.
  • Product Name: The name assigned to a product.
  • Email: The email used by the buyer during the activation of the license, which might be different from the email used during the order.
  • License Code: A unique and string facilitating the activation of purchased rights for a specific application or service.
  • Device ID: An exclusive, anonymised string identifying individual computers globally, used for identification during interactions with servers.
  • Date: The date and time when the data was recorded.

Are there any crucial notes about the License Activations Report?

Certainly! Here are some important aspects to note:

  • If your licenses permit multiple activations, you may observe duplicate entries for order IDs, email addresses, and license codes. However, each record will have a distinct activation ID, device ID, and date, denoting activations on different devices.
  • Entries with 'NULL' in the activation ID, device ID, and date fields indicate non-activation of the license code by the buyer.
  • The report is chiefly pertinent if you deal in one-time products via Paddle's SDKs.
  • Contrary to other reports, this one isn't arranged by the most recent date first but is ordered based on license codes.
  • The email addresses reflected in the report might differ from the ones linked to orders.

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