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How do we calculate your Billing metrics?

The Billing charts in Paddle’s platform are designed to give you real-time, accurate data on your revenue and transactions. Below we explain how this is all calculated, so you know which variables are included and which aren’t.


The Revenue chart shows, for the selected time period, earned money from completed transactions. This means adding your ‘earnings’ from:

  • Completed subscription payments
  • One-off transactions
  • B2B Invoicing paid invoices
  • Recovered checkouts which complete and pay
  • Affiliate revenue (where you are an affiliate through Paddle for another software company and have referred traffic to them that transacts)

The ‘earnings’ for each of these means that from the gross amount Paddle receives, we deduct any fees, taxes, and charges applicable. Then we sum all of this to reach your total Revenue for the period.

Note that this means the number does not account for any balance adjustments that take place such as refunds or chargebacks.

Also, because we’re only looking at paid transactions, this number doesn’t include trialing or free subscriptions, or unpaid/overdue B2B invoices.


This is the total count of transactions and paid B2B invoices for the selected time period.

Again this excludes trialing subscriptions, free subscriptions, and unpaid/overdue B2B invoices. It basically counts the same transactions used in the Revenue number, above.

Average Transaction

This is essentially the Revenue number divided by the Transactions figure.

In order words, we take all the Revenue you have received within the period divided by the total count of Transactions for the same period to give the average value of your transactions.


Finally, Refunds are the total amount from your balance that has been returned to the buyers.

This is actually different from the amount sent back to buyers. For example, because your revenue already has fees and taxes deducted, the amount we take from your balance (the net ‘earnings’) is still just a portion of the total (often the original payment amount) that is returned to the buyer.

Note that this does not include chargebacks, so if you receive chargebacks they will not be taken into account in this figure.

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