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Stripe integration: using Stripe as a payment gateway for subscriptions

If you use Stripe to handle your payments, then you can use ProfitWell. There are 2 types of use cases in general:

  • For Stripe as a billing system/subscription management solution, you are both handling payments and managing subscriptions within Stripe. In this case, you can use ProfitWell for Metrics and Retain.
  • For Stripe as a payment gateway, you are using Stripe to accept payments, but you manage your subscriptions on another platform. In this case, you can use ProfitWell for Retain and cash flow metrics only. Read below for more details.

If you are using Stripe as a payment gateway, then you likely fall into one of two buckets: you either manage subscriptions internally or on a subscription management solution built on top of Stripe, such as WooCommerce or Piano.

In all these cases, you can use ProfitWell Retain for Direct Charges: we can help you recover revenue through chasing failed payments from your past due customers.

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